Public transport is an inseparable part of our local identity. Surely, a good handful of you would reminisce about waiting at our iconic orange and white bus stops, or how you were among the lucky few to have taken an MRT train when it first launched back in 1987!

With Knackstop, everyone gets a chance to own a unique Singaporean transport icon.

We also hope that these quirky and practical everyday items can ignite national pride in our public transportation system which has evolved together with our little red dot.

Nett proceeds from every Knackstop purchase will go towards helping the disadvantaged with their transport needs through the LTA Cares Fund. Spread some smiles and join our charitable cause whilst buying these creative gifts!

Why Knackstop?

Knackstop is a tongue-in-cheek word-play on ‘next stop’—a phrase we hear whether we are on the bus or train in our daily commute. It is a combination of the words ‘knick-knack’ (‘knack’ being another word for trinkets) and ‘bus/train stop’.

As a brand personality that evokes playfulness and quirkiness, Knackstop keepsakes are both relatable and likeable for both the young and old. Remember that age is just a number!

The Knackstop logotype

Knackstop Logo

Knackstop’s logotype features distinct influences from public transport. The colours in the letters are derived from the various MRT lines, and the familiar buzzer in place of the ‘O’ represents the bus element. Additionally, a less rigid and more whimsical font is used to create a feeling of fun and quirkiness.

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